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Provide a Community that

Nutures Well-Being

We help schools like yours build academic foundations and

social emotional intelligence — because all are crucial for long-term success.

Decorative Concrete Structure


SEL Programs have led to a 13% increase in academic achievement for African American and Hispanic students.


SEL programs have led to a 42% decrease in disciplinary referrals and a 25% increase in prosocial behavior.

(NIDI, 2019)

We provide Social Emotional Learning and Restorative Practices support to whole school communities.


SEL plus Restorative Practices equal:​

  • Improved academic performance

  • Student, staff, and caregiver development

  • Increased positive behaviors

  • Reduced disciplinary incidents 

  • Improved school climate and culture

While some providers offer SEL programs just for students, we focus on everyone: students, staff, and even parents. We align with respected frameworks like CASEL to provide a comprehensive approach to SEL and restorative practices.


Restorative Practices in schools are a range of proactive strategies, processes, and techniques that focus on building and restoring relationships, resolving conflicts, and repairing the harm caused by wrongdoing or misconduct.


Our holistic programs combine social emotional learning and restorative practices to empower educational communities in a meaningful way.

What Sets Us Apart?

Blooming with Intention Program

The Blooming With Intention Program is a guided framework designed to support the phased implementation, integration, and sustainability of high-quality social emotional learning (SEL) and restorative practice programs to promote positive school culture and improve outcomes for students in school and beyond.

"As a Director, I've experienced countless professional development programs throughout my career, but Quartz Wellness Collective's approach is unparalleled. Their focus on holistic growth, combining personal well-being with career advancement, has been a game-changer. Through their guidance, I've not only refined my leadership skills but also found a renewed sense of purpose and balance in both my professional and personal life. Quartz Wellness doesn't just offer training; they offer transformation."

Kimberly P.



Our team partners with school leadership to assess your current SEL programming and work together to develop a strategic roadmap for integrating and enhancing your school’s SEL practices. We take a whole community approach, focusing on staff, students, and families. Schedule an introductory call with a member of our team to learn more.

Youth Empowerment


Career exploration, college and career readiness, and entrepreneurship programs for middle and highschool students.

Senior Leadership &

Staff Coaching

Our coaching services support school leader’s implementation of  SEL and restorative practices within the community, and guide educators to seamlessly integrate SEL and restorative practices into their classrooms. By fostering a nurturing environment, educators can create a more harmonious and effective learning experience.

Parent & Caregiver Workshops & Support

We help schools support the parents and caregivers of their students by providing Positive Parenting Workshops and monthly family newsletters packed full of tips and resources. We can even create a private virtual wellness community in The Well Zone. Learn more and download your copy of the (SEL)F-Improvement Workbook for Families.

The Well Zone

School staff and parents can join our digital learning community, The Well Zone, to access Blooming With Intention On-Demand Curriculum, virtual Lunch and Learns, resources, articles, discussion prompts, and more. In The Well Zone, members can learn at their leisure, post to our community board, and engage with other educators and families looking to strengthen their social and emotional practices.

SEL & Restorative Practices Workshops 

We offer 20+ professional development workshops to equip teachers and staff with the tools and knowledge to successfully implement SEL and restorative practices in the classroom and beyond. All workshops feature exercises to support staff in applying learned practices in the classroom. Topics include the Foundations of SEL and RP, Emotional Intelligence, Understanding Stress and Building Resiliency, and more.

Download our Catalog here.

Healthy & Supportive School Communities

A collaborative and systematic approach

Why SEL Programs are Crucial Now

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults develop the skills, attitudes, and values necessary to understand and manage life tasks such as cognitive learning, forming relationships, and the flexibility to adapt to challenges and expectations of complex society (Elias et al., 1997).

Many adults today never had the chance to benefit from explicit SEL programs, including school leaders and teachers who are tasked with supporting students through one of the most crucial times of their lives. This is your opportunity to make a lasting difference in your school community.

At Quartz Wellness Collective, our core belief centers around harnessing the immense potential of the whole school community to profoundly shape the lives of young individuals and influence the trajectory of our global future.

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