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We’re hearing the term “wellness” everywhere— from the corner store to the beauty store. Wellness is more than cute yoga gear and raw juice. We are truly well when we are thriving as a whole—in our minds, bodies, spirits, and communities.




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We know! You’re busy! Aren’t we all?! Whether you take a course with us, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, attend an event, or read our newsletters on-the-go, you will be enriched, inspired and strengthened by the care, knowledge and tools we share with you.

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Live Well from the Inside Out!


40 Day Flourish 

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Goal Support Mastermind Group facilitated by life coach Amber Lee Forrester

Is self-improvement important to you? Me too! Question is-what are you willing to do to get from where you are to where you want to be? As a life coach, I work with people ready to transform areas of their lives. I created the 40 Day Flourish for women who want more happiness, success, awareness and well-being. It’s an online mastermind group where you can connect with other other women and support each other in working towards your goals of doing epic things.


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The Quartz Wellness Collective is a well-being organization that creates life-enhancing workshops, uplifting online content and engaging experiences for progressive women, young adults and organizations.

Empowerment Coach and Quartz Wellness Founder, Amber Lee Forrester, translates cutting-edge positive psychology into flourishing life skills courses, workshops and coaching that motivate people, communities and organizations THRIVE!


The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.

-Oprah Winfry