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The Art of Yesss Personal Development Workshop

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Get out of your own way and find your inner power to create the life you want to live!  No excuses! The New Year signals us that it is time to press reset and get clear on what we want in the year to come. We make New Year's Resolutions, list out our goals and maybe even attempted to create a vision board, but now what? We must understand that the foundation of happiness and success is our belief in self and the ability to direct our thoughts and words towards attracting what we want.

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

In this Afternoon Wellness Immersion, we will talk to women who have mastered the Art of Yes and manifested fulfillment, happiness and success on their own terms! Both Michele Brown and La Shell Wooten are amazingly wise women who have evolved through their careers and share their knowledge and experience as coaches and trainers, with proven track records of bringing out the best in people. Amber Forrester and LaShada DiCosmo are both wives, mothers, and entrepreneurs who have put great effort and intention into their successful careers and raising their children, while maintaining a commitment to personal growth and care.

Our unfiltered panel discussion and transformational workshop are designed to empower women to understand HOW to get to happiness in every aspect of our lives. Our workshop will teach how to effectively Mastermind, Journal, Vision Board & Meditate assisting you in finding which method(s) of manifestation work best for you. And it doesn't stop there! We will conclude with a social hour so you can connect and get to know the people in the room.

We're easy to get to! Our Headquarters are located just over the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, under 10 minutes from Harlem. Ride the front of the A train to 175th, take the stairs up and exit to the GW Bus Station. From there you can take the commuter bus across the bridge, take the stairs up and we're a few steps north of the bridge in the Mack Cali Building (you'll see the Mack Cali sign). The shuttle runs every 10 minutes. If you're driving, come across the GWB upper level, exit Fort Lee and you can park right in our covered parking garage. 


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