The Art of Becoming

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On Sunday January 27th, 2019, Quartz Wellness Collective held The Art of Becoming in collaboration with Tina Pearson Salon. The afternoon was filled with self-exploration, vision boarding, unifying conversations, and positivity.

The Art of Becoming was more than a vision boarding event. Life Coach and Quartz Wellness Collective Founder, Amber Lee Forrester gave our guests the space and guidance to explore their purpose, clarify their goals, and learn to redirect their attention to their intentions through visualization, meditation and positive thinking.

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We began the event with a talk on the power of purpose and vision. Amber taught us about Positive Psychology and the research that proves higher well-being and happiness in people who are more in touch with their purpose. We learned about the benefits of living purpose driven lives.

Amber then guided us through exercises that can be used to help us uncover our purpose such as, The Wheel of Life, Purpose in Life Test, and The Meaning in Life Exam. This series of exercises allowed us to think about different parts of our lives and understand how they affect us.

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Following the exercises, we had partner discussions where we reflected on how and why we evaluated certain aspects of our lives. Guests shared their habits, experiences and related with one another. There was a shared feeling that “we tend to focus on the end goal, but lose focus of how we will get there.”

This shifted the conversation to how we set certain limitations on ourselves and how important it is to recognize them. Recognizing your perceived limitations and your power to overcome them is crucial step towards moving forward. Tina Pearson emphasized that, although we have many opportunities to make excuses and give into our limitations, we should refocus our attention to our purpose and goals.

When we recognize our purpose, the why behind what we do, we can overcome almost any how. We are driven to move with more focus, determination and meaning in our day-to-day lives.

We watched an inspiring TED Talk by Ashanti Johnson, a Fitness Instructor and the Owner of a fitness brand 360.Mind.Body.Soul

Amber highlighted the key points of her talk…

  • Clarify what you want

  • Place positive energy around your vision

  • Believe in your vision

  • Root out negativity

  • Quiet your mind

  • Choose an area you would like to visualize yourself in

  • Meditate on it

…then led us through a visualization exercise where we envisioned ourselves accomplishing our goals with an emphasis on the steps we would take to achieve them. We then took these steps and translated them into our vision boards.


We discussed mindfulness tools such as affirmations and meditation as a way of focusing our thoughts on what we do want instead of what we don’t want. We were challenged to be specific in calling what we want into our lives and using our vision board as a mindfulness tool or daily reminder of how we want to lives to be, look and feel.

In the end, we wrote empowering life purpose statements to help us remember the meaning in what we do, how we live, and the impact we wish to have.


As an intern for Quartz Wellness Collective, I was assigned to attend the The Art Of Becoming. The event was more than I had imagined. I was able to recognize my habits and further develop my goals by using my purpose to help guide me. The exercises and conversations gave me insight on how I can use mindfulness as a tool for growth. The Art Of Becoming gave me and other women an opportunity to tackle our limitations, uncover our purpose, share our experiences, and most importantly, have fun!

Best Wishes,

Yamelli Hernandez, Quartz Wellness Collective Intern

What an amazing, positive, supportive event. It was informative and insightful. This was so much more than a vision board event, it was a coaching, spiritual, thought-provoking gathering of phenomenal women who came to learn, share and grow.  I thank you.
— -Vikki W.