Love, Sex & Confidence

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Quartz Wellness Collective held Love, Sex & Confidence on December 6th, 2018 in collaboration with GlamExpressway Boutique in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The evening was filled with fun enrichment including: mini pole dancing lessons led by artistic coach and pole-dancing instructor Anna Grundstrom and powerful conversations about sexuality and self-love from a feminine perspective.

The event began with social hour where women enjoyed sparkling wine donated by Barefoot Wine while they tested their skills on the pole. At around 8:15, Quartz Wellness Collective founder, Amber Lee Forrester opened up the conversation with sexual wellness expert Shawna Shipley-Gates and Anna then invited the other women to join in.

Sharing your vulnerability is okay
— Anna Grundstrom

The start of the conversation was about self-love. Anna defines self-love as, “[mentally] understanding your strengths. [Physically] it’s how you accept, love, and take care of yourself.” Shawna described self-love as “[being] naked in the mirror and loving everything.” The conversation then shifted to how Shawna and Anna’s work affects their lives on an interpersonal level since they are intimate with their clients. Shawna has been able to grow through learning from the women she works with. Anna noticed that sharing your own vulnerability is okay and that you can gain confidence from success.

We have been taught to suppress sexual liberation
— Shawna Shipley-Gates

One of the aspects within confidence that we discussed was sexual liberation. Shawna shared that the key aspect of sexual liberation is health. She says that sexual liberation is, “ living a healthy lifestyle.” This could be done by being educated on our sexualities and sexual relationships the we have. Anna said, “communication is the most important thing.” The only way we could let people know our boundaries and how we feel is by communicating. Lack of it causes a barrier in sexual liberation, which is something that women need. We talked about our personal experiences about dating in 2018/2019, and the challenges women face due to social media and societal expectations. Lindsay Stuart welcomed us into her beautiful boutique where Shawna and Anna were able to make us feel fierce. By the end of the night, we had shared our insight on love, sex, and confidence and had intimate moments on and off camera. Through all of the involvement and encouragement during the mini pole lessons and the discussion, women left feeling empowered and more liberated in their expression of love, sex, and confidence.


Contact Information

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Anna will be holding her CLIMB workshop, which will run in April 6,13,20 and 27 from 4pm-6pm at Incredipole. She will also have a new class "Freestyle" from 6:16pm-7:30pm, which will run every Friday beginning February 1st.

Lindsay Stuart: (347)-206-3583