Sponsorships, Partnerships, & Brand Collaboration

39Quartz produces monthly wellness events and has three upcoming wellness retreats in the next year. Through our events, retreats, upcoming podcasts, youtube channel, live streaming and social media, we authentically engage brands with a multicultural community of progressive, metropolitan women,  ages 27-65 #IRL (that’s In Real Life as the kids say). We seek are seeking partnerships for not just one, but our whole series of events. Our packages range from in-kind product donations to moderately priced paid sponsorships.


A dynamic group of wellness experts are at the core of our mission! Are you a wellness practitioner, coach, fitness expert, motivational speaker, chef or a healthy lifestyle expert of sorts looking to grow your platform and engage your followers? As a member of the Quartz Wellness Collective, we will collaborate with you to share your expertise and expand your reach to a multicultural community of wellness seeking folks.

Interested? Tell us more about yourself below and a team member will reach out to see how we may be able to plan an upcoming event, workshop or retreat with you involved.

Event or Retreat Production

Interested in having a wellness event or retreat to engage your following or serve your community (or organization)? We have the experience and resources to make it happen without the fuss. Stress and wellness shouldn’t live in the same space. Let us take the planning and production off your hands so you focus on what really matters.

Feature Members of the Quartz Wellness Collective

Our founder, Amber Lee Forrester, is a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, positive thinking coach and small business coach who LOVES to get in front of a crowd or camera. We also have a growing collective of wellness experts that can help create content or an experience for your event, organization, tv, radio or online show, or podcast. Let us know what you have in mind.  

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