Change Your Mind. Change Your Life.

What are you willing to do to live the life you want to live? We’re hearing the term “wellness” everywhere from the corner store to the beauty store. We’re so busy building our careers, businesses, and (hopefully) our relationships, who has time for yoga and facials. Oh, and taking the time to focus on personal growth, mental and emotional well-being…who does that?!!

The person who does THAT is the PERSON WHO WILL get further in their career, be happier with their relationships, have more control over their lives, and feel and look better than average. Wellness is a journey, not a destination. Well-being is multidimensional. We must take intentional action and develop healthy habits and a healthy mindset in order to sustain a lifestyle of personal, professional, physical, social and spiritual well-being.

If you know that you could use a little, or a lot of help in these areas, our workshops, courses and/or coaching could be just what you need.




As positive psychology-based coach and trainer, I translate cutting-edge behavioral science and positive psychology into highly practical life skills workshops, courses and coaching designed to help people and organizations reach their full potential.
— Amber @AmberKane

Amber Lee Forrester is a life coach, trainer, consultant, on-air talent and the founder of the Quartz Wellness Collective. She is a purpose-driven entrepreneur who has dedicated her practice to uplifting, educating and motivating individuals and communities to thrive. As a certified Positive Psychology practitioner, Amber translates behavioral science into practical solutions for self-improvement. She offers courses, workshops and online content that guide people to achieve high-level well-being in their personal and professional lives. Amber considers herself a positive influencer driven by the belief that within every individual is the potential to thrive mentally, spiritually, physically, socially and financially.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Amber at home with her husband, two kids and dog or somewhere in heels, drinking wine and eating good food with friends. She’s an accomplished entrepreneur who spent over seven years building her company, Kane & Couture, breaking barriers into major retailers, and even appearing on Shark Tank before fearlessly pivoting into a more purpose-full career. Since her teenage years, Amber has been passionate about self-improvement and inspiring people to dream big and now, through her work, she is grateful for the opportunity to help people bridge the gap between hope and accomplishment.

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