A review of Spiritual Liberation by Michael Beckwith

What would we do if we truly understood the power we have within ourselves, the perfection of our inner being, and the potential transformation that awaits us?  Michael Bernard Beckwith,  the dynamic spiritual leader who touched millions of readers and viewers in The Secret and through the spiritual community he founded, the Agape International Spiritual Center, challenges us to search within for the key to unlock our futures and prepares us for the great transformation that is ours to experience.

Michael Beckwith teaches that our inner spiritual work, not religiosity or dogma, liberates us. His influences and studies include a wide spectrum of ancient wisdom teachers such as Jesus the Christ and Gautama the Buddha, but also contemporary spiritual luminaries such as the Dalai Lama, and Western contributors to the New Thought tradition of spirituality such as Walter Russell. Each chapter is filled with insight into the divine blessings that all have been given.

This book is structured around several core themes, which include: transformation; peace; abundance; and the habits of highly evolved people. Each chapter includes an affirmation and an embodiment that distills its core concepts into a sentence or two for us to practice and guides us to the application of what we have learned into our everyday lives. Regardless of your belief system, I believe you'll clarity on your path and experience some profound "aha!" moments as he breaks it all the way down. 

Michael Beckwith is one of my favorite authors and thought leaders. His teachings resonate with my spiritual beliefs and reflect my personal relationship with God. One of my favorite lessons from the book, comes from Chapter 2 titled "Evolved People". I'll leave you with a summary from my notes (because I'm a nerd and l love to take notes from my favorite books to be sure the message stays with me). 

"Patterns of thought and action develop over the course of a lifetime. Some of these patterns support us while others undermine us. They impact our quality of life and interactions with our world...Once we become conscious of the patterns we have formed, we can revisit them and make new choices where we feel necessary...Just as a seed needs the proper soil, water and nutrients to grow into its perfect expression, so are we to nourish the soil of our consciousness in order to evolve into our soul's ever expanding potential...Embracing the seven practices that follow will support you in uprooting thought forms and habit patterns that sabotage your spiritual progress.

1. Evolved people give thanks for what most people ordinarily take for granted.

2. Evolved people give without agenda.

3. Evolved people experience life as a celebration rather than a problem to be solved. 

4. Evolved people race to see who can forgive first. 

5. Evolved people talk to themselves and not to the world. (They don't look to the world to convince them that they are worthy of existence....Yesssss!!!! Our worth is not based on likes and followers people!!)

6. Evolved people choose happiness over drama.

7. Evolved people understand the value of down time. 

If you're joining us for any of our 3 retreats this year, get this book, read it on the plane and in your spare time and your spirit will be generously rewarded. 

Michael Beckwith is on my vision board people! I'm pulling him closer and closer for a collaboration as I walk in my purpose. Divine order!