Book Review of Million Dollar Women by Julia Pimsleur

Author and successful entrepreneur, Julia Pimsleur is helping one million women get to one million plus dollars in revenues by 2020 and this book is her essential guide for female entrepreneurs who want to “go big”. 

Did you know that American women are starting businesses at nearly twice the rate that men are?! Yes! but only three percent of female business owners have revenues of over one million dollars. Most women entrepreneurs are stuck at the “mom and pop” level, just getting by, or in many cases, running out of cash. This was me, operating my canine lifestyle and accessory company, Kane & Couture. After years in operation and a failed promise of investment from my 2015 appearance on Shark Tank, I was looking for fresh insight and solutions to grow my business. While listening to NPR, I heard Julia Pimsleur sharing her inspiring story of building her own company and raising millions in capital. Million Dollar Women is her guide for women like her who have a great idea and need to find the resources to take it into the big leagues.

In Million Dollar Women, Pimsleur introduces you to seven women who, instead of “leaning in,” simply left corporate America and “marched in” to the world of entrepreneurship. They have raised capital, developed powerful networks, and generated multimillion-dollar companies from scratch. When Pimsleur started Little Pim, a company that produces programming for young children to learn foreign languages, she wanted to create an exceptional experience. But soon she realized that she had to think and behave differently to become the head of a multimillion-dollar company. Let's face it-we have to think differently to get different results! Eventually she transformed from a creative person with a business idea into a CEO running a business with a creative idea at its center.

In Million Dollar Women, Julia will teach you the concepts, the lexicon, and the steps for taking a business big backed by personal stories and unfiltered advice. She shares her knowledge and experience with you on how to network, when to delegate, and when to get extra coaching. She provides insight on raising capital, strategy, execution, finance and mindset. Her transparency provides help, humor and support for overcoming the emotional challenges you'll face on your journey to joining the million-dolllar plus club.