Introducing the Thrive Newsletter

What would it take for you to thrive in every area of your life-personally and professionally?

What amount of purpose and passion are you expressing through your work?

How can you do more of what makes you happy?

The Thrive Newsletter was created to inspire and empower you to master your mind so you can master your life.

Dare to go from good to great!

I'm grateful for all that I've accomplished, but I know God has so much more for me. I'm on a journey to learn and evolve into the greatest me I can be. I believe with all my heart that my purpose is to make use of my talents to uplift and inspire. The work that we're doing with the Quartz Wellness Collective fills me with joy and excitement!

My desire to turn my passion into my work attracted me to the field of positive psychology-a science that aims to undsertand, test, discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive.

Positive psychology focuses on happiness, well-being, flow, personal strengths, creativity, wisdom and characteristics that increase the well-being of individuals, groups and organizations.

The research and exercises I have studied while getting my Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology have provided a unifying language around the self-help, personal and professional mastery books I've been reading for the last 20 years. 

Me, Amber--Founder of Quartz Wellness Collective

Me, Amber--Founder of Quartz Wellness Collective

Although I find this all highly fascinating, I won't bore you with too many details. You'll get a healthy overview with the option to keep clicking if you want to dig deeper. The Thrive Newsletter features a highlight of my weekly blog post, along with links to videos, articles, recipes, must sees and must follows from wellness and positivity publications, experts, influencers, brands, practitioners and coaches.

Sound interesting?! I've featured the contents of the first Thrive Newsletter below. You can sign up to have The Thrive sent directly to your email by leaving your email in the sign up at the end of the post. 

Sanaa Latham in Health Magazine

Sanaa Latham in Health Magazine

In the June edition of Health Magazine, Actress Sanna Latham opens up about how she defines and cultivates joy for herself, including her gratitude journal, daily meditation, and a mantra she discovered that frees her from an overactive mind "ho’oponopono".

Leslie Gordon talks Happy Talk in Essence Magazine

Leslie Gordon talks Happy Talk in Essence Magazine

After co-producing the OMNoire Glow Up Retreat to Grenada last fall, I had the pleasure of connecting with Leslie Gordon, a writer who so kindly featured the Glow Up Retreat on the Grio. Come to find out, she is the best friend of my very good friend, fellow entrepreneur, Ayala Donchin.

This time, it was Leslie who was being featured! Check her out in Essence Magazine's July/August issue in  a timely article entitled, “Happy Talk” highlighting women from ages 23 - 50+ who reveal simple acts that have brought them tremendous joy.

Kyrzayda on Finding Joy and Light in Dark Places

Kyrzayda on Finding Joy and Light in Dark Places

Kyrzayda Rodriguez, a well-known lifestyle blogger, opens up about the five things she does to cope while fighting cancer. She advises, "No matter what your faith is look for God but don’t wait for something bad to happen, look for him now, in your youth, in your happiness, or sadness, in your glory and your falls, but never forget to give him glory." READ MORE

super soul sunday with Michael beckwith.jpg

Michael Beckwith, one of my favorite speakers and authors, speaks with Oprah on manifesting the life of your dreams on the Super Soul Sunday Podcast. If you haven't already, check out my review of Beckwith's book, Spiritual Liberation.

crystal bliss.png

People always ask me "What made you name your company Quartz Wellness Collective?" I have a love for crystals and the millions of years of wisdom and energy they embody. Curious about crystals? Devi Brown's Crystal Bliss provides you with everything you need to harness the innate energy and vibrations of crystals. This guide walks you through the process of selecting crystals, cleansing and preparing them for use, and incorporating them into your meditation and energy healing process. With the help of Crystal Bliss, you can learn how to boost your own energy, beat back negative vibes, open your heart to love, manifest wealth, and promote good health. GET IT HERE

So now you guys are all my accountability partners! I'm committing to prioritizing the Thrive Newsletter and faithful that it will manifest goodness in your lives and mine. 

Please share, like, love and forward!

God Bless & Stay Positive!

Amber Lee Forrester
Quartz Wellness Collective Founder

Amber Forrester