40 Day Flourish


Goal Support Mastermind Group facilitated by life coach Amber Lee Forrester


Current Flourish Group in Session:

Self love, career, relationships, and health.

March 17- April 25th

Deadline to join this session, Wednesday, March 20th at 3pm EST.

Details Below…


Is self-improvement important to you? 


Is self-improvement important to you? Me too! Question is-what are you willing to do to get from where you are to where you want to be? As a life coach, I work with people ready to transform areas of their lives.

I created the 40 Day Flourish for women who want more happiness, success, awareness and well-being. It’s an online mastermind group where you can connect with other other women and support each other in working towards your goals of doing epic things.

In this current Flourish, we are focusing on self-love, career, relationships and health.


  • I offer 20 minute talks on the subject

  • We have an open discussion on your thoughts, feelings, and where you need support around these areas

  • I bring in subject matter experts

  • I’ll do live one-on-one coaching session with two members of the group.

I’ll continue facilitating groups like this and building a community of dope, positive people like yourselves. The next 40 Day Flourish will start in May and focus on prosperity and getting our finances in order.

We officially started Sunday, March 17th, but we’re accepting members up until Wednesday, March 20th.

We have a virtual introduction meeting this Wednesday, March 20th. In order to make this a sacred space, this is a curated group of women. Members will be selected based on their intentions, goals and will.

I invite you to RSVP below.


“Live to Thrive”

Goals, Support, Community

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Are you ready to set your intentions, set your goals and find what you need to manifest your desires?

Our 40 Day Flourish Groups offer:

  • Guidance and support to make improvements on your self, your health, your career, and your relationships.

  • Free introductory session Wednesday, March 20th

  • Four 2 hour live sessions 

  • Accountability group 

  • Peer discussion

  • Group coaching

  • Positive psychology based life tips

  • Personal assessments 

  • Facebook group 

  • Daily IG inspiration 

  • Weekly wellness digest including articles, recipes, recommended beauty products and tips, and resources to support you in reaching your goals

    RSVP at hello@39quartz.com with subject “40 Day Flourish” for request to join us. 



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Once selected, Flourish Group membership is $120 for 40 days. So, for just $3 dollars a day, you can get the tools to get further, faster. Stop wishing and start doing!

BONUS! The 40 Day Flourish is a part of  your package if you’re attending the Vibrate Higher Women’s Wellness Retreat to Costa Rica next month! Do you know about it?! Come relax, relate and release with us and immerse yourself in self-care. 

If you’re a part of our core friends and family, you’ll get an email with a complimentary membership code to join.

You have everything you need to be everything you want to be. Discover, uncover and thrive!